Hi there friends! Happy Caturday! And that means it is time to celebrate our feline friends. 😀

My old man cat. He is a happy fat cat you see a lot around here.


He actually will sit for pictures. And will pose as you can see here. Now the lil lady is another story. She is more on the derp side of the catdom.

wpid-20150512_112725.jpgShe was not having it and turned off the Imense cuteness factor. All the pics I took of her were blurry as she was just being  all about that derp derp.

And here are some random cat facts.

When a cat is kneading something is it actually called Smurgling. Yes. There is a name for that.

And let’s talk about purring, purring isn’t just to show happiness or content. But also can signify pain.

Cats are liquids. We all know this, but reality is their collar bones are not attached to anything thus allowing them to liquefy. #catfact

Savannah cats are a mix breed of cat domestic and the non domestic Servil. They are the size of a dog and have really docile personalities. Really popular in the 90’s (I want) and can be leash trained!!!!! WHAT?!

The Egyptian MAU is the oldest breed of cat. So old infact that the name is actually Egyptian for cat. MAU.

I hope you are having an awesome Caturday! Me? Well I am off to the BEACH for some much earned family fun. Basically chase the tiny child around. Still it is chasing him around the beach. Go MAMA GO!

Happy Saturday!


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