Can’t wait for cooler weather.


I can not wait for some cooler weather here. I love this jacket by Calvin Klein. It is so bright and cheerful. It has been a horribly hot summer and I for one can not wait for cooler weather. I want to take my little man on our long walks without feeling like I just walked through Mordor with Frodo.  I want to have that feeling of pumpkin season and pies. And I long for shorter days(weird I know).


I just fell in love with this coat and want more colors. I found it at Burlington Coat Factory.


Oh cooler weather please come quickly! I need a break from this heat and I want to wear my jeans again. Yes, I know Florida doesn’t see it’s share of what would be considered fallish weather. But, to me even 70 is better than 95 with a heat index bringing it to 125. My electric bill needs it too.

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