Buzzing around the woods

Hi there friends Happy Saturday!!!Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and then before you know it St Patick’s day will be right around the corner with it’s full green beer glory(yuck).  Today, it is a more relaxed of a day. I was going to post a recipe for some chocolate cake, but when I made it I was not thrilled with how it turned out. IT was my fault not the recipe, This genius forgot to add the salt and baking soda. Luckily I realized this mistake AFTER I put the cake in the oven. The cake had not baked yet and was still batter so I kinda sorta fixed it. Still a great cake, could have been better. SO maybe next Saturday there will be a chocolate cake on the bloggeroo, and I am hoping to do a mock up of my little man’s bday cupcakes .

Today’s I am wearing my Kye bee shirt. Which is an oversized tee(great for when you are feeling bloated). I decided it would be another great opportunity to wear my OTK boots from YOINS and drag my bag lady purse from MANGO.

I am not only buzzing around the woods in my Kye bee shirt but also on this Starbucks molten lava chocolate cake latte. Holy chocolate!

bright bag and otk

My hair is in one of those crazy moods today, so no extensions or anything. I am giving it a break. Although after I did these pictures I did go an straighten it because I plan on wearing some tomorrow. And hope to get some pictures done tomorrow too of some Valentiney things. I don’t really do much for Valentine’s day, last year hubby got me a game I wanted Evil Within for Xboxone. Still haven’t beaten it. It is a game I can only play when I have the house and XBOX to myself. I need a second console. Key to happy gamer relationship, multi consoles. THe other reason is it is a survial horror game and not sutible for children under 17 its rated MA for a reason.

After doing some last minute shopping for Valentine’s my son and I went for our nature walk and playground. We do this a lot and I like shooting in nature. It makes me feel zen, although I adore pictures in a more city environment. Because I usually have a stroller with me , I got a tripod to attach to it. Makes no sense lugging around a tripod with a stroller with a toddler.

kye mango and yoins

Walks in the woods like this can really clear the mind and make you enjoy nature. Time to let your hair down and go with the flow. OR whatever direction the tiny child is going.



orange bag


yoins and kye



joomi lim

I am absolutely in love with this ring set. If you haven’t seen ifchic you need to go now and get started because I am getting a lot of great things from them! They even have jewelry if you don’t want clothes and stuff. Great things to be had there during their #ifchi24

no bag

I hope you all have a marvelous weekend!!!! 🙂

Much Luv!

Steal the style!

Shirt: KYE ifchic

Jeans: H&M similar

Shoes: YOINS

BAG: MANGO similar

Ring: Joomi Lim similar


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