Burgundy and black.

Today was a day where I wasn’t too sure about posting an outfit. But finally after a cup or two of coffee later I decided what the heck why not. It was either play some Destiny or take pictures.  I chose to take pictures.  Yesterday’s playing of Destiny ended in a rage quit and my son turning the Xbox One off by accident.


I was having trouble with angles today. We all have our off days. Today is one of mine. Actually, yesterday was too but who is keeping count.


The great news is my arm is no longer swollen. And is pretty much back to normal. Thanks nature.



Having a word with the Fluff. He decided barking at leaves was fun. And I disagreed with him on that.



I love these pants I got almost a year or so ago from H&M.  But when I got them I was still loosing baby weight and so they were too small. I was too lazy to return them but now they fit! Almost too big now. The thing about loosing “baby weight” and having a baby is the constant not knowing what size you are. When you think you got it,you don’t. There are some shops where clothes are made bigger and some that are smaller. For the longest time I was scared to buy anything because nothing fit right. Now, think I am past that. I try everything on first now. And when it comes to buying things online, I purchased measuring tape.wpid-20141015_144706



This necklace is one of my favorite pieces because I love lions. I really need  to wear it more. It was from H&M as well and is older. I will try to find a similar necklace. I almost typed in Silmaril again.Oops. The Milani lipgloss is Ravish Raspberry.
Well it is time for the daily walk and check to see if my Middle-earth game came in. I am dying to play it! Cheers!

I found a necklace that is a leopard.

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