Brown sugar spray, for heartless straightening? Does it work?

You have seen this probably all over Pinterest, you know the picture of the girl with really long straight as a board hair. So shiny and smooth, and super super straight. But, is it a bogus claim? Some beauty blogs say yes, and even Pinterest has removed some of the links as it promoted spam.

But does the simple sugar solution work at all? I was curious and tried it for scientific reasons.My hair was left sticky, crunchy, and not shiny at all. I had to wash it promptly.
I followed the instructions. 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar which you put into a spray bottle. Ok, sounds easy enough. Then you spray it onto damp hair. Check! The outcome was not glam at all. And don’t get me started on the sticky floor you get afterwards.

I have tried home remedy hair care things before; masques and such. And those work well, but this one is a definite waste of time, energy, and brown sugar. Sugar, whose better use is in some chocolate chip cookies than a product for straightening your hair without heat.

Stick to the regular products and a flat iron.

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