fall outfit of the day!

My broom is in the shop. Halloween festive outfit.

fall outfit of the day! My goodness, it is October and the pumpkin spice is flowing! I decided that if I don’t wear my OTK boots I never will this fall. Fall, if we want to call it that. At 92 degrees outside it is hardly a fall at all, more like an endless summer. Would be nice for a cool off. But this is what you get in Florida, along with the alligators. Today, I decided to show on the blog a Halloween festive outfit. This year I am going to get up and enjoy myself, last Halloween my son was sick and so I am hoping we do not have a repeat! I know it is still early but you never know. So, in the meantime we are going to be all festive around here. I brought out my Frequent Flier off shoulder sweater for this look, figured I would wear it while I could since I am outgrowing everything. I love this lightweight sweater, it is super cute and looks great with leggings and some OTK boots. These are a couple of seasons old from Justfab, but I’ll link to similar ones below.

fall outfit of the day! As you can see my top is a little tight around the mid section, the nugget is growing fast! To make this look more than just a typical Halloween sweater style, I added the boho necklace and bright orange bag for those extra fall vibes. I love it! I also decided to go with pink lips using my Urban Decay lipstick in big bang and Chanel gloss instead of red. I think it worked out better. And to hide the lack of sleep under the eyes, a bit of NYX all covered up concealer and Aurora eye brightener concealer. Why am I tell you about the concealer tip on a fashion post? Because it is helpful!

fall outfit of the day! Shirt:similar here // Leggings  non maternityTarget here // Boots Justfab similar here// Bag MANGO old I like this one//

Lips Chanel lip gloss// Urban Decay Vice city liquid in Big Bang//necklace/fall outfit of the day! I took these pictures with a little still at home, if you read this post here, you will get why he isn’t in school. His sinuses are infected as well as his ear. Poor kid and I kept him home to get better. He is much better! And you will also see my review of the new sequin pants I got.

fall outfit of the day! fall outfit of the day! fall outfit of the day! I love that this outfit screams I am ready for Halloween without being too in your face about it! Although, I do have a few pieces like that. I have another Halloween sweater! Just wait! This is a great outfit for those who want to be Halloween festive but not be overkill.

Do you have a favorite Halloween outfit?

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  • Carrie at Curly Crafty Mom October 12, 2017 at 2:44 AM

    LOL! I know! It finally dipped down in the lower temps today, but it is warmer again tomorrow and 90 on Saturday! Crazy! I have decided I am getting myself some OTK boots this fall or early winter. I haven’t yet! Love that top!!


    • Stephanie October 13, 2017 at 1:05 PM

      Wow, 90s this late is that usual for where you live?

  • Ruth October 14, 2017 at 3:46 AM

    Oh man 90s is pretty hot for Florida! I remember the fall time in Florida….basically just a nice cooler summer right?!? You look gorgeous and that tummy is just the cutest!

    • Stephanie October 15, 2017 at 12:44 PM

      It hasn’t even been that, no cooler weather in sight. It has been an extra long summer.


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