Broken Age; what I am playing now. 

Hello all! And it is time again for another game review /what i am playing. This game which took the game world by storm when it was just on Kickstarter with a $400,000 start up. Within 24hrs it raised $1,000,000 and is now a full game. Previously you could only play Part 1.  The game is beautifully designed and has a whimsical sci-fi story. Not to mention an all star cast.

You can start the game out as Vella or as Shay. The characters are interchangeable and one side sort of effects the other. It has pretty clever writing and is a pretty decent puzzle game. So far so good.


The colors are bright and I really like it.


I love the puzzles and have only been stumped once. Broken Age is what is known as a “point and click” .



Broken Age is available on iPad 2 and newer models. As well as PC,PS4, and Android. I got mine for iPad Air. Have you played Broken Age? It is Rated 9+ In the App Store.  But it isn’t rated by the ESRB. I would say it is about right in App Store. There is some slight infrequent horror and violence. And some mild mature humor which is also infrequent. The story is solid for the point and click adventure.

I couldn’t find a release date for XboxOne.

Will you you be playing Broken Age?



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