love this maxi dress from NOrdstrom Rack . Just a bit of old school fashion blogging #fashion #dresses

Blogging like an old school fashion blogger.

love this maxi dress from NOrdstrom Rack . Just a bit of old school fashion blogging #fashion #dresses

Soooo, my kids are sick, and going out and taking blog photos are something that is just a no no right now. They have flu, again, and that means sitting at home and wishing I was out and the oldest was in school. What can you do though right? So, I went a bit old school. Circa 2009.  Remember when fashion bloggers started out just shooting at home, in mirrors. Mirror pics everywhere. Shooting their daily outfits and sharing them with their readers. It was so raw then, so effortless. So approachable, because it didn’t look like a whole team of creatives made this. It was just a gal or a guy with a small camera or camera on the phone and a mirror. A lot of times the head was chopped off out of frame. But that is how many did it back then. The ability to go out and create as we do now was not really the normal or for a lot available. Not until some of the pioneers of moving the fashion blogging world forward took charge and made blogging so much more. And then more social media was coming around so then that boosted what we know now as fashion blogging to where it is. A gal or guy standing in a street looking away from the camera, with perfectly curled highlighted waterfall hair, a hat, coffee in hand and an expensive Gucci or Chanel bag. As well as the perfectly curated instagram account with all the filters and stylized pictures to go with it. The old days, gone with the wind. But, every now and then a blogger comes along and still posts a mirror picture. And those on insta are so refreshing to see. Refreshing to see that a lot of us still hold on to that easy peasy photo taking.

love this maxi dress from NOrdstrom Rack . Just a bit of old school fashion blogging #fashion #dresses
Lucky Brand Women’s Chain Bead Statement Necklace • Lucky Brand • $57.12
Gucci – Gg Leather Belt – Womens – Black • Gucci • $350
Love Stitch Gauze V-Neck Maxi Dress • Love Stitch • $29.97

That is where I am today, taking a picture in my mirror, because doing anything else this week is damned near impossible. In fact right after this was taken, my oldest had a nose bleed from hell and I had to quickly change and get blood out of the dress! Which it came out! Luckily! I just threw it in the bathtub with us trying to keep everything from going everywhere. Sorry for the TMI, but it happens. And we all know on this blog I can get a bit Raw with the TMI.

Anyways, I am wearing such a great dress that I bought on Nordstrom Rack by Love Stitch. The color is gorgeous and I also got it in black! The comments in the reviews for this dress were mixed.  Some felt it sat on the hips weird, or showed them too much. I can see that, but it does have pockets! Shapeless was another, Well I kind of like it flowy gives the dress a more boho summery feel. And the no shape can be easily fixed with a great logo belt, like this one.  Another comment, too thin of fabric. Ok, here in Florida with the humid hot weather you will love that kind of thin breathable fabric. It was comfortable and guess what else, it hides PMS bloat like non other. It is a great dress, it does run a bit on the big side but it is a more flowy dress.

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I love this Love Stitch dress and here are more of the dress in different prints and colors

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