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Blogger life. The joys and the annoyances.

styling crochet lace and culottesOne way or another, I’m going to find ya. I’m going to get ya, get ya, get ya. One day, maybe next week.

I have that song stuck in my head and it wont leave. It has also been one of those days where I do not know what to call this blog post’s title. SEO, would dictate it needs to be something that someone searching would look for, fun says be creative. The joys of blogging, summed up into one simple SEO bits of nonsense and ranting about the algorithm of Instagram being screwy.Blog traffic worries, the follower counts, the wondering when will you start to make money to help out(if that is your goal), the envy, the all the other crap. Blog life summed up.

OOTD monochrome outfit

I have been blogging for a while, since 2009. I started to take it seriously after my little was born as a way to help out with my PPD. And then I realized just how much I loved and still love blogging. I have watched bloggers rise and succeed and so many give up. (I sound like the village elder here, uh oh. The Galadriel of Blogger world) Giving up was never an option, I am determined to have a successful blog! I wrote something similar about this kind of thing before here. I love blogging, it was a hobby that has slowly turned into something that I want as a career. A long term thing, that is until the Zombie apocalypse happens. You know Walking Dead style.

wearing crochet lace and black culottes with justfab bag and shoeThere are so many things that I love about blogging and there are a few things that totally get on my nerves. Anyone can say that about their jobs, their lives, their hobbies, ETC. An example; I love Dragon Age so much! BUT! The early combat system sucks and as much as I love the story lines, Dragon Age 2 story was weak and it annoyed me a little.

I can say the same about fashion blogging! I love working on building relationships with companies and getting them to trust my brand.  I love getting products to test and review. I love writing for companies, BUT, I also like getting something out of spending my time on a post.  I get so damned annoyed when I get an email that says dear…”wrong name and link to someone else’s blog” We think you should write a 300 word post with banner ads and social media blasts for $8! I know I am no Gary Pepper , I am no Something Navy, or Blonde Salad. But, $8 is a tad bit too low for ANY blogger. When you break down the amount of time that goes into researching their items, writing a post, getting things on the blog and blasting it. NO $8 doesn’t work. Will never work. One post can take at least 3 hours to complete for somethings. SO no, I had to decline. And if you get a request like that you should too, your time is worth more than that! I love those so much. *sarcasm*  Another eye roll is when they do not even read about what your blog is about, or ask you to write a post for free. A free post about a thing that has nothing to do with anything remotely related to your blog. And do it for FREE! NO. NO NO NO. Again, you would not go to your dentist and not pay them for the cleaning would you? Even exchange is good, but even there sometimes it seems bloggers get the short end of the deal.


And let us not even talk about the numbers/followers game. We all are aware of that dumpster dive. *glares at Instagram*

glamorousandgeeky.comBut with all my complaining, there is some great things about blogging! There are some joyful things too it. The writing itself. The taking pictures, the editing not so much. The interaction with other bloggers! The community is a strong one, and yeah there is drama time to time. But it is a lot of good. The events, if you get to go to them. I have been invited to a few and couldn’t go do to timing. And the other time due to lack of sitter and plague nasties. There are events to look forward to like Fashion week if you are a style or fashion enthusiast, E3 if you love tech, Comic Con if you love being a huge nerd, Disney even has their own convention! Those are fun events! And I am hoping to be able to go to more this year or next. I am planning my E3 2018 with the hubby already! Watchout! But, the blogging community comes together and cheers you on when you do well, they are there when you feel like you aren’t your best, and they try to help with ways they can on social media.

OK, that is enough ranting! And all that stuff that made this post oh so fun to read. Sorry, I just had to get that rant out! Can you blame me and I don’t think I am alone.

So, today I am wearing a old Crochet knit lace top. I love this top, it is cropped and lacey. It is such a cute feminine shirt and looks great with high waist pants or skirts! Today, I wore this top with some great basic black culottes! Paired with my Justfab Lorieda boots and mustard yellow bag.

lace crop top and black culottes Love outfits like this on hot days when it is hotter than the sun. I feel nice and cool.

fashion blogger outfit lace crop topSteal my style!

Shirt: SHEIN similar

Pants: StyleWe similar

Bag: Justfab c/o old similar

Shoes: Justfab c/o

Necklace House of harlow

lips TArte ROSE


What are some of the things that annoy you or that you love in blogging?

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  • Nikki Living Life July 18, 2017 at 7:42 PM

    I can relate to your rant 🙂 Your post is so right on about Blog life Steph. Blogging is not easy. It’s not all Starbucks and white fluffy rugs. There is so much stuff to learn and I am definitely learning a lot.

    Yes, there are plenty of ups and downs. But mostly it should make you feel proud to have built up this little corner of the internet. I really enjoy your posts. They inspire me and sometimes make me laugh. Although I don’t visit your blog all the time, when I do I really enjoy reading your thoughts.

    Now, onto your awesome outfit. I adore this crochet knit lace top. Pairs so well with your culottes. As you said its such a great piece you can pair it with a skirt or shorts as well. You look fabulous as always. Keep inspiring beautiful lady.


    • Stephanie July 18, 2017 at 11:32 PM

      Thank you so much nikki!!! Got to love the blogger hustle. I’m glad that you stopped by my little space on the net.

  • Laura July 19, 2017 at 1:15 AM

    The emails I get asking for free publicity in engage for possibly sharing my post on the company’s social media drive me crazy! I always say that my blog has taken time, effort, and money to build up and so I will not write about anything unless i have the opportunity to review it myself or get paid! They stop emailing me after that. I just have to shake my head when I see other bloggers writing about things for free. Don’t do it! You look fabulous today, but you do look fabulous every day! I love that gorgeous top on you!

    • Stephanie July 19, 2017 at 1:23 AM

      It lets just say it aggravates me to no end. I have gotten those too, I actually gotten an email from one and they said they would use my blog post and say they came up with it. Like um no, plagiarism dude. No. Bloggers time is worth way more. Than “might mention on social”. And they never EVER do. I have told companies no and they do not take the hint. Like I’m sorry 10 is no better than 8!

  • Caitlin | Beauty & Colour July 19, 2017 at 4:50 AM

    This is so relatable. I’ve gotten a few emails from companies (like BIG brands that are making tons of money) telling me to post about their new collection on my site and not only is it not paid but they don’t offer to even send product! Which is hilarious to me because aside from all the work it takes to actually get a post up and the fact that no free advertising space is available on my site, how am I supposed to write about and review something that I’ve never even seen before in my life lmao!

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    • Stephanie July 19, 2017 at 2:54 PM

      THank you Caitlin!!! I hate when that kind of thing happens. It is as I said you would not got to your doctor or dentist and not pay for the cleaning or visit, why shouldn’t a blogger get paid for their work. It is hard work!

  • Gabrielle July 19, 2017 at 1:06 PM

    It’s lovely to read about your thoughts on blogging, Stephanie! Definitely keep going – I’m routing for you to reach the point of blog-success you’re wanting, for sure!! 🙂 x

    • Stephanie July 19, 2017 at 2:53 PM

      Thank you so much gabrielle!!!!

  • Alejandra July 20, 2017 at 8:45 AM

    I love your shirt!

    • Stephanie July 20, 2017 at 2:54 PM

      Thank you!


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