H&M maxi dress and Justfab Pink slides

Black off shoulder maxi dress from H&M and pink Justfab Slides.

H&M maxi dress and Justfab Pink slides

Funny note my husband asked if I was going to a funeral in this dress. I said no, it just fits me. So there is a lot going on around here not just my kids. But I have been complaining about my health for a bit. In a previous post I mentioned prednisone causing my grief. Well, the swelling, the moon like face, the other things I wont get into because at that point TMI, and my joints hurt to high hell. Oh my breaking out into sweats all day only to go in the worst bit of chills ever. Constant hunger, and just lack of a working brain. Well, all that sounds like prednisone side effects right? Well, yeah, but they aren’t. The meds have been out of my system for over 3 weeks. And after I called my OB-gyn and told them what was wrong thinking there was another factor. Like well, my being on the Depo provera shot. Which they said couldn’t be the issue and blamed the prednisone. I went to my primary, and she disagrees. As she put it these are reactions to the Birth control shot. Reactions that may have made my hormones go wacky and make the pituitary gland go haywire and my thyroid too. When I originally called my ob’s office they said it was basically impossible to have symptoms now and not the first time around. Well, that time I was sicker than a dog. I was on so many other antibiotics and meds I wouldn’t have noticed anything and correlate them. So, yeah, take that.

My life has been in pieces lately and so I probably wouldn’t know it if I had those issues before. All I know now is I am tired all the time and feel like I have a sinus infection or some sort of illness all the time. I don’t, it is the birth control shot. My ears feel clogged a lot and I just feel hazy. All these things are in fact side effects your doctor should know. I now have to get a bunch of blood tests done, and make sure I didn’t get cushings and that is probably just to shut the ob office up according to my dr.

H&M black maxi dress and pink justfab shoeH&M black maxi dress and pink justfab shoeNothing can jus be simple and go my way can it? No. Never. SO, ladies, if you are having those symptoms with depo go to a dr please. The swelling for me isn’t just simple weight gain I am retaining water. I feel like I had a saline drip all the time. The doctor said I need to try exercising again, well IT HURTS SO BAD. And now I am on a salt free diet. FFS.Nothing really can be done for me at this time medically, I just need to work out and drink water. Eat less salt, take zinc, and hope it goes away. I am miserable and always in pain and achy. I have kids to run everywhere, the exhaustion is real and I can barely keep an eye open at night, and we are talking 7pm I am passing out.

But, I guess in reality you didn’t come here for my whine, or did you? I will get on with it, let us discuss todays outfit. It fits. I am wearing this today because it fits. My body swells up randomly and so an outfit like this hides it. My face can be contoured, but the rest of me, you can tell I am a puffer fish.

I love this black off shoulder maxi dress from H&M, It is comfy and it makes me feel good. And this dress is amazing with bold accessories. I opted for the wooden bag and some bright pink Justfab slides. Keeping it simple. Which simple is a great idea on hot summery days. Especially when you have the issues I have.

H&M black maxi dress and pink justfab shoeSeriously though this outfit is comfy! Love it! It made me feel great wearing this because I didn’t feel like I was looking swollen, even though I was! And ladies expecting, you could totally wear this in pregnancy!!!

What do you think of this look?! I just love super affordable outfits!

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Shoes: Justfab

Bag: Amazon

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  • Patti June 25, 2018 at 7:15 PM

    So sorry for your health issues – you have such a collection of uncomfortable symptoms! I hope the way to clear will come to you soon. Beautiful dress, and I don’t think “funeral” at all! xo


    • Stephanie June 26, 2018 at 7:45 PM

      I really do. It has to work itsway out.

    • Stephanie July 5, 2018 at 7:36 PM

      I’m hoping so too. Because you can literally see a progression of swelling in my family 4th of July pictures..

  • Emma Peach July 3, 2018 at 6:25 PM

    Sorry to hear you’re having health problems, I hope you feel better soon. I really like the dress and I think it looks great with the pink shoes! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • Stephanie July 5, 2018 at 7:34 PM

      Thank you! All this nonsense caused by one shot. It will get better though


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