Black Friday and you. Survival guide.

Oh Black Friday will be upon us like a incoming hurricane before you know it. And the question is will you be prepared? There are several ways to be prepared for this event that happens every year. And I am going to share some of the ways my family does it.

Step 1. Game plan.

That’s right everyone, a game plan. This is something that is usually figured out on Thanksgiving around a plate full of mashed potatoes and gravy. Everyone tries to figure out what stores are worth going to in the morning and which are worth going to in the afternoon. Then after dinner the family makes their way into the living room to scour over the Black Friday ads in the newspaper. Is Best Buy doing something great? Is Target Stores? How about Kohls?

Step 2. Door Busters?

Ok, this one is tough but pay attention. Are you going to Best Buy, Walmart, or Toys R US at 10 pm Thanksgiving night for a great deal on something you want? Or are you just going there for something you don’t need just to get a great deal? Do you really need that new laptop, free computer keyboard, or what ever else they are having as a door buster? Do you really need to be there at 4 am to get a toaster? No one wants that by the way. Put the toaster oven down. In reality there are good deals on door busters and there are some bad ones. My thoughts are is it worth camping out in front of stores for? Last year we drove around Best Buy and it looked like the apocalypse happened and they were the last of humanity surviving. Some folks do it for the fun, others are super serious about it and go to the extreme of being there early to be the one of first 50 people gets this thingy free.

Step 3. mall or local.

This is a fun one to think about. Ok, so you have the choice of going to le mall or stay local. We like to go to local shops on Black Friday. Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond,Target Stores, Walmart, Justice, Ross, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby. Why? It is closer and everyone else is at the MALL. Want to save a headache? Stay local for Black Friday and do the mall Saturday. If you must go to the mall, save the trouble and go later in the day.

Step 4. Save room for Saturday.

Why? Well, here is why. They now extend Black Friday deals through Tuesday. Never mind Cyber Monday. That is something great, I will get to that next. Yes, stores extend their deals through to Tuesday. Back in the past once Black Friday was over, it was OVER. No more sales until closer to Christmas. The weekend was when people relaxed and decorated. Now, people do it a week before Thanksgiving so they can shop till they are broke. Saturday can promise better parking.

Step 5. Gotta eat.

Yes, while stuffing your face with turkey and pie; you will discuss food options for the next day. You will decide on a restaurant and that is that. Next day, you go to get food when you remember to eat, that restaurant? Is PACKED. So, inevitably you go to something else. Do yourself a favor, have fun and be spontanious with this one. Play parking lot games. Which ever one is not AS packed we will eat at.

Step 6. Coupon your way though it.

People, there are coupons out there. Stores like Express,The Children’s place, Gymboree, Bed bath and beyond, Toys R Us, and others have coupons. Like extra 20% off, 5$ off;things like that. Who said you couldn’t? Bed Bath and Beyond accepts coupons on top of clearance!
PLACE card members save 5% off every purchase at The Children’s Place!
Step 7. DON’T GO!

???? Yes, I said do not go! That is a surefire way of how to survive the Black Friday horde. Stay home and shop online. Sounds easy enough right? Well it is. Online retailers are offering just as good deals and offers as in-store. I am going to hit up The Children’s Place for some great deals for my son. Amazon also has great Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals. Also, want to save some more money? Ebay it.

My first Christmas Stretchy by The Children’s Place. Omg I want for my Little man.

These tips will help you survive Black Friday and Saturday. Remember know your limits. Is Christmas really worth going in the red for?

Fun Fact.

Ever wonder why they call it Black Friday? Well it is because retailers would mark down their goods to get back into the black from the red. If they can get into the black on that day then they can make up for the year. Hence the name “Black Friday”

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