Black Friday and the people in it.

I didn’t go out this Black Friday and I am glad I didn’t. People were being trampled and my brother saw people get into a fist fight over a flash drive at Walmart. A flash drive people, they fought over something that is already cheap. Really? Is this how our Christmas holiday season going to be. Is this a preview of what is yet to come? I really hope not, nothing says Merry Christmas like punching each other. What happened to peace on Earth and goodwill towards man?
Tomorrow I will be braving the mall with my family. It is a much needed girls day out. I want to look at Express and H&M. I always find great things there, not just for me but for my hubby as well. And of course I want to look at Gymboree  and drool in the  COACH store. Making wishes can be fun and so can dreaming. That is what I will be doing tomorrow along with people watching. #hopesanddreams

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