Bioderma Hyrdabio H2o

Bioderma Hydrabio h2o Review!

i there friends!!!! I have another product review today!!! ANd not a moment too soon! I got another video on the YouTube channel and It is all about the prize I won from BioDerma Usa.

bioderma hydrabio

I entered in a contest on Instagram and actually won! WOW~ And I was thrilled when I got the Bioderma Hydrabio line. The products are great and I love how they feel except one is a bit too much moisture for me.

Hydrabio BiodermaThe light cream was amazing and it made my skin feel so good. This will be my new night cream. Since I had an allergic reaction to Lancôme Regenerie. I couldn’t remember what was causing my skin to freak out and break out in a rash and when I stopped using that product it started to clear up. So, yeah. good times and no makeup  today. Which is why you are also getting a beauty thing.


The light cream was $24.95 a bottle.

Bioderma Hydrabio h2o extreme

This is the crème riche. this one is super thick and great for people who need that extra extra boost of moisture. I probably will give this one to my mom. Since it is waay too much moisture for me.

Aslo $24.95 a bottle.

And you can also see my reviews on my youtube channel. I posted that abit a go.

Bioderma Hyrdabio H2oAnd I was also sent Micellular water, for makeup removal. This stuff melts the makeup right off and then you can follow up with the normal face washing routine. I like it! It works and it doesn’t make my skin freak out either. Which is why I use a lot of Cetaphil products lately. Anyone else after having a kid have that problem? I know my son is 3 but still.

THe micellular is $16.50 for the bottle size.

What do you think? Be sure to check out the YOUTUBE channel!!!

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