Bedtime battle, yes we are…

Letting him cry it out. We have to. He has had the bottle taken away, dr orders, because of his ears as well as the teeth thing. It has been harder on us I think. He refuses to drink out of cups but when he gets thirsty he eventually does. Although he isn’t happy about it. He throws constant fits, thinking the fits will get his bottle back. It doesn’t. My family says to stand strong and this makes me happy he never took to the dreaded Binkie.

Tonight was an epic bed battle. He fought me. He screamed and kicked.
And when I mean screamed, I mean SCREAMeD. Son what lungs you have there. My oh my and a woe is me. After a while I went and checked on him. And he was fine, until I walked away. Great, there is the separation thing. We were doing well with that. He is tired so it reared it’s head. I gave him a hug, a kiss, and told him I love him goodnight, and I walked out. He screamed even more.

Silence. Yes he cried it out. Only lasted a whole 45 minutes. But, he needs sleep, and no he wasn’t getting his way. The bottle is gone. It won’t be back. He was never good at self soothing. And for a while I could put him in bed and he would be fine. I read him a story. After which, he would go to sleep. Once we took that bottle, well, that peaceful bedtime ritual became a battle, one I hope gets better. I hope it goes back to the way it was. Peaceful and snugly.

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