Beauty review: Buxom Mascara, Sonia Kashuk, and Chanel.

Hello my friends.Today, I thought I would start the day with a nice little post about a mascara set I got from Sephora. It is for Buxom mascara. I have seen some posts about this before and heard some interesting things about the mascara. That same day I got some great stuff from Chanel and got a new concealer from Sonia Kashuk.


The Buxom Power Players. The kit was only $10 as a Christmas set. I picked up the last one at our Sephora. Sorry ladies! It was for a good cause. The cause my never ending journey of finding a great mascara. I am still privy to Lancome’s Hypnose Mascara.


The mascara is a decent one. I must say the container doesn’t look too different from others. Then I opened the tube and the wand made me laugh so loud my little boy ran into my room to see what was up. And then promptly ran off with the box. Thanks lad.

It can be hectic trying to take pictures with him around. Just sayin. 


The mascara seemed to do a great job. I have to say it separated my lashes added volume and they had some curl. Good stuff. Worth the purchase.


I also used the eyeliner that came with it. The pencil went on smooth and had a great texture. Easy to use and something I will go back for. I liked it.


Let’s talk about the Sonia Kashuk concealer pot. This stuff is great at covering, if you need a lot of coverage. I got it to try it out. It covers really well, but it is a bit heavy. and can cake if too much is applied.A little goes a long way, $9.99 at Target stores.


Then there is Chanel, ah Chanel. Spoil me Chanel. Yes. I needed a great moisturizer and one thing I will always splurge on is skin care. I got a wonderful face creme called Hyrda Beauty Creme available at Dillard’s. I love it! And it smells great. I don’t have that greasy feel afterwards. I have oily skin already but you still need moisturizers. This one was great and I didn’t have a reaction. I have really really sensitive skin. I still use my Clinique system as well.

If there is a beauty product you think I should review, let me know and I will try it out. Or try to try it out.

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