top beauty products worth splurgin on

Beauty products worth splurging on.

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It there were products that I use all the time every day, this list today would be it. Many of the beauty brands I have used for years and some of the things I just want because well, look at them. The Too Faced bronzer with a unicorn is one, I mean it has a UNICORN! And while some of the things on this list are in the higher price point, when it comes to the quality you can be sure it is really really good. Yes, there are dupes for a lot of them, the Bye Bye pores powder(dupe post here) is one I have found a dupe for, but sometimes the original can not be beat. Because it is such a great product you want what you pay for and the item makes up for the cost.

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I love brands like Tarte, Too Faced, and It Cosmetics have some great products and I love their packaging. Too Faced is cruelty free and has some of the cutest packaging ever! Tarte is also cruelty free and has some of the best eyeshadow and eye liner I have ever used! Tarte also has a eye cream that is out of this world. I used it from a sample packet and I am hooked! *key note on a more embarrassing level; I used it all over my face as I didn’t realize at first that it was in fact an eye cream.*

Urban Decay has some of the most Iconic eyeshadow palettes in the Naked line. You will have seen, by now, that every beauty blogger and blogger and IT Girl on Instagram has a palette of some sort of this Naked line. I have the HEAT and love it! It gets used a lot. And there is a setting spray that I can not live without, the All Nighter setting spray. This stuff sets things and it stays put. It is my ride or die setting spray, and I have yet to find a drug store one that works for me. I know a lot of bloggers have found dupes for these setting sprays. But I go back to this one and you can get it in a set with the primer spray.

Then there is the GlamGLow mud masks. I love their masks, I got a few through my Ipsy Subscription and fell in love with them! So so so good! They work amazingly well and I always feel so good, these masks are perfect for a girls night in. Or me time where you can actually do a mask and your hair while reading a book or playing Xbox with no interuptions. ( A mom can dream)

These are things that I just feel are worth splurging on a bit and while they are not $90 Louboutin lipstick, they are still considered prestige brands. And you feel just so special when you open these babies up! I know I do!

Have you tried these brands before? What is your fave splurge on makeup?

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  • Carrie February 25, 2018 at 1:14 PM

    I would love to try some of these, especially that Bye Bye Pores!


    • Stephanie February 26, 2018 at 5:09 AM

      It’s fabulous


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