Beauty likes and dislikes.

Here we go again. Makeup buyer remorse.  Well some buyers remorse that I feel bad about because these were things I really wanted to love.

The Becca Hydra mist  set and refresh powder. $39 Nordstrom

This powder,  is one I got in my Boxycharm.  I was so excited! Because I do love Becca lipstick!  But there are a few things that made me dislike it over time.

It oxidized my makeup. And it did it really badly! My foundation went from having pink undertones to being more yellow than Bert! It made my makeup super cakey too! The cooling sensation was so awesome,  but that in itself does not cover up the fact it runs your foundation.

Not going to buy it and it is in the trash currently! Btw, I used it for every foundation application to make sure I wasn’t going nuts.

Tarte Shape tape compact makeup.

I had high hopes for this! You have no idea! And at first I did like it. Then I noticed something. The separation of makeup to skin.. especially on the nose and chin! And God help you if you need to touch up! The touch ups remove any makeup that you are trying to fix! And it moves it around. Ugh. So what do I mean? Well, when I see the missing makeup on my nose or face and I try to pat or rub the powder on that spot it removes more or moves it around! Oh and powder brushes or kabuki brushes do not help..same issues.

Yuck! And then I looked at Tarte website and saw their before and after pics of people with that makeup..and in those you can see the issues too. Oxidation and super cake.

A regret. Regret buying and regret that I ended up disliking it.

Sad sad sad.

Now let us end on a positive!

These are products I go back to and or just really love!

The NYX HD setting powder! The compact version. $7 Ulta

This is affordable and it works! Doesn’t change my foundation color no matter what brand! This powder is so much worth the hype!

Buy here! $ 7 at Ulta (on sale)

Tarte Shape tape concealer $27 Ulta

This is my ride or die concealer. As much as the powder was a disappointment , the concealer was not! It is worth the price! However if you can not splurge then the next best thing in my humble opion is by NYX $4.99 at Target, but it does come in a pot and has many shades. Sometimes more color options at Ulta.

$ 27 for a set that comes with mascara ULTA

Lastly, powder I always go back to. This is a powder I stray away from AND regret it. Always! This drugstore compact is the best in my opinion!

The Loreal True Match compact makeup. $6.99 Target.

Ugh. I do not know why I move away from it! But I do, stupidly. This powder blends well, has my shade, doesn’t oxidize, and it great for all skin types! Did I mention super affordable? $6.99 Target!

You can also see my review of these on my igtv channel!

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