Be extra! Wear the sparkly sequins.

H&M – Jersey T-shirt – White • H&M • $9.99
TOPSHOP 3/4 length skirts • Topshop • $100
River Island White snake chain hoop saddle bag • River Island • Sold Out
River Island shoe boots with cut out in black • $25.50
A New Day Women’s Long Sleeve Rib-Knit Cuff Chenille Open Cardigan – A New DayTM • A New Day • $27.99

Ok, so it is the new year! And your wardrobe is packed full of all that sparkly stuff! Sequins and glitter and metallics like silver and golds. As well as plush and luxe velvet everything.

The thing is now that stuff will sit there, and every time you look at the glitter you think where and when am I going to wear that again?
Dude, the answer is right in front of you. Wear. That. Shit.

be extra, wear the sparkly sequins

Yea, you read that bit right. Wear that shit! Be as extra as you can and want! It will feel amazing! Sequin pants? Wear them! Sequin skirt? Put that bling on and be merry! Sequin sweater? You better wear that! Jumpsuit of glittery glory? You had better jump right into that and make your way out into the world!


So here is the tea. You ready? People are going to judge a woman and her clothing no matter what she is wearing. People are going to be mean if they want to because they are miserable in their own lives. And besides you already spent Aaaaaaaaallllllllll that money on that sequin and glitter fun, might as well wear it! It is fun and makes you feel so great, and yes extra.

be extra, wear the sparkly sequins

What do you think about wearing sequins after the holidays ?

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