Casual maternity outfit HM jeans and tee

Basic tee and jeans kind of outfit of the day.

Casual maternity outfit HM jeans and teeWell, here I am! Surviving the craziness that is Florida right now! Stores are out of the most basic things, like bread. BREAD. It is to the point that if you do not need to be out and about, do not waste your gas and time. Especially the gas, they are all out! Storms like this can bring out some of the good in people but from what I have experienced out and about was the opposite. People are in a panic, I get it, and unfortunately tempers are running high. As a small pregnant lady, I do not want to be on the accidental receiving end of someone’s tantrum over batteries, lack of bottled water, or canned foods. I just would rather walk the other way right now. Go the long way around.

Make sense? AND, if you do not have to be in Florida this weekend DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT! Disney will be the last place you want to be. Flights will be cancelled. This storm is massive and terrible. 185 mph winds is nothing to just bat your eyelashes at. It is not just a bit of wind and rain. It is a storm, a storm that can produce tornados in that storm. A storm that can demolish homes. A storm that can and will cause flooding.  Coming to Florida right now for this weekend and next week will get you nothing this state has to offer except our amazing natural disasters. Welcome to staying indoors land with potential of no power for a few weeks.

OK, Floridian rant over. I swear.

causal maternity outfit featuring H&M top and jeansFor this outfit I wore a very casual outfit. Non maternity jeans that I just paired with a belly band and a H&M mama tee. Grabbed a sparkly statement necklace and some leopard print shoes. Basic as basic can be. For this outfit I didn’t want to fuss. There were more things on my mind than fashion. (bread for my son’s pb sammiches)

causal maternity outfit featuring H&M top and jeansThis outfit is a great go to for running errands, it is great for days where you are just too tired for anything. And it is still very stylish! Especially with some cute Leopard shoes like the ones I have on from ALDO! I have had these for about 2 years and still adore them!

causal maternity outfit featuring H&M top and jeanscausal maternity outfit featuring H&M top and jeanscausal maternity outfit featuring H&M top and jeansHave an awesome day! And be safe out there! Check out my last maternity wear post here and here

Shirt: H&M

Jeans: H&M

Belly band

Heels: ALDO old similar

Bag: COACH old similar

Necklace Zaful sold out I like this one.

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