Badgley Mischka Maxi dress

Normandy Sandal • Badgley Mischka • $49.95
Utopia Maxi • $55
Black Banu Top Handle Bag • $55

I have been having a ton of fun with RENT THE RUNWAY! A butt ton of fun! I love making outfits with the pieces I get but there were some fails in the last order I got in. Except for this Badgley Mischka dress, everything either didn’t fit well or there were some technical flaws in the garments.

This dress was fantastic, and made me feel so spectacular! It is comfy and flowy. The print perfect for spring and summer. It also hides the fact that I hadn’t shaved the legs in bit! Hey , I am not the only one who it letting that go this quarantine!

The same could not be said of the Jump suit by Amur . The zipper got stuck and it was painful to try and zip the jumpsuit up! And then the dress from Saloni, made me look like some sort of lumpy space princess. The dress made my hips look droopy and lumpy. Not a cute look. It went back, never to be seen on me. I was disappointed for sure.

I wish there were more than duds in this order, and of course I got a comment from someone about “for a subscription service like that you would think things would work or fit.” Not neccessarily. And that is part of the fun of it!

Right? Besides it gives me something to do damnit! AND FOR ME!

For $100 off a Trial Month of RENT the runway use this link !! You will not regret it!

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