Bad dreams are made of this.

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Ever have a sort of dream, a dream that leaves you feeling so shocked or scared you just can not stop thinking about it? OH MY GOSH. That is what I am going through. A few nights ago, I had the worst dream. THE WORST. It was weird, it was scary as hell, and it was so real feeling that I woke up feeling like I should check my house for weirdness.

This dream was not a beautiful rendition of what I want life to be. This was not a sparkly dream. No, it was an out right nightmare. I want to say, I didn’t play any games before hand. I didn’t watch anything but Real Housewives before bed. And there here I am having this dream, a dream that I just want to forget. I want to forget it, but I can’t. I am going to tell the dream from my perspective, in a story like way.

The Dream.

Imagine shopping late one night, it is raining hard, there is thunder and lightning. I went shopping at night because that was apparently the only time I could go. Great. Target was open, but it is after 11pm and it isn’t Christmas. This is strange, but that is OK. I think to myself” You have your best friend with you.” We get to Target and run inside to try and avoid the rain. Inside it is dark. There are still people shopping. However, something is off. Why does it seam like certain areas of the store feel outside?

So, you grab a cart and go. Walking through the dark store while maneuvering around the other shoppers who do not seem bothered by the fact that this whole weird crap is happening. There is a cool dampness and also a strange foggy vapor coming from the ladies department. In a small bit of moonlight you see it, a shriveled skeleton. But it isn’t a complete skeleton, the skin is still very much there. And takes your breath away beyond the the fact it is there, is that it has eyes and it is hanging there. Hanging by it’s neck by the ceiling. This skeleton follows you with it’s head as you walk by quickly. My friend sees it and says to get moving, it was almost like it was fixated on you. So quickly we walk past.

There was a thud. The creature is gone. It wasn’t there. We stop and feel a sense of dread as we turn back around. There standing in the middle of the racks is that skeleton, with it’s fleshy colored skin and bones. It’s eyes are still there and it reaches toward you.

A scream escapes.The creature starts walking towards you. We left the cart and went back to the car.

The dream takes a strange turn to me driving someone to an airport, all the while I was telling the people in the car that there was a skeleton creature in Target. They didn’t believe me and insisted I take them to see this thing. I did, why I don’t know. I was mad at myself for it.

At Target it was the same, the creature hanging in the distance, people avoiding it. Then it disappeared. I screamed as I looked for it all while not moving from the spot near the front door. PEople were in a panic now and pushing to get out of the store. That is when it was face to face with me. And it tried to grab my face. I screamed and ran outside. I found a cop and told them what was going on. The officer went into the store, we all heard shots fired with a screaming ” I can’t shoot it! It wont die!” the silence after was terrifying. And for whatever reason, I went back inside. ANd there it was trying to grab me again. It smelled. And I could feel it’s rubbery boney hands on my face. The hands were too long for regular human hands.

I woke up.

Guys this dream was terrifying. I still feel sort of like what the Fuck? I have no other words to use.

Have you had dreams like that?

Sorry for sharing this, but wow I feel better now.

So much better.

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