back to school motivate yourself! wearomg a cable knit sweater and pyrthon pants

Back 2 school|outfit cable knit sweater and python pants.

I am going back to school! Well in a virtual sense, that is. I have been taking courses in real estate. That is right ! Real Estate . I wanted to get into a career that I can work around my son’s therapies. And eventually open my own brokerage, something that I can leave for my kids in future. A goal. A massive goal.

You can always change your career path.You can go back to school, you can find ways to get things done! What stops you is you! The lack of motivation can also be a deep seated fear. Fear of unknowns, fear of failure, and fear of potential success. That in turn becomes a lack of motivation. Being comfortable,even over a job you hate, can lead to a lack of that word motivation.

back to school motivate yourself! wearomg  a cable knit sweater and pyrthon pants

There are so many reasons why a new start and new ideas are great! Do not sell yourselves short! Hate the situation you are in? Make the changes necessary to achieve getting out of it. Even if they are small those small adjustments and changes will add up and eventually you can make the life changes. From any where to relationships to buying a new home, or going back to school to get a career that can afford you what you want in life.

It can happen, just got to take that first step! And that first step is going to be the hardest thing in your life to take. But once you do, you will never ever look back.

To infinity and beyond my friends!

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  • Molly March 9, 2020 at 1:36 PM

    So happy for you! I know you’ll do a great job. Good luck to your future success. You’re setting a great example for your little kiddos. They’ll be so proud of their mama. ❤️

    • Stephanie March 10, 2020 at 9:37 PM

      Thank you so much molly! I sure hope so! It is all I want! 🙂


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