At home wearing Mara Hoffman and Cult Gaia.

Canvas Slip-Ons for Women • Old Navy • $29.99
High Rise Favorite Jeggings with Secret Smoothing Pockets • Gap • $59.95
Interlocking oval hoops in ivory • $30
Libby Wrap Top • $55
Black Banu Top Handle Bag • $55

Current situation, sitting in my son’s room waiting for him to settle back down from sleep walking redirect. And also processing the finale of Castlevania. A mass amount of wtf just happened.
Being home, well let’s talk about that.

Social distancing has not really changed much for me. I am an introvert and sometimes do not like leaving home. And then sometimes I really want to get out there and be in the world. Doing things and having time to me away by myself. I don’t get me time . I don’t get it at all. My life is this school for the kiddo, take care of both kiddos, take care of husband, clean in all of this while everyone is around messing it back up, taking eldest to ot, speech, conferences with teachers, cook, take almost 2 to 3 hours to get the kids to bed , and then some how find time for me. In my head I guess I do not deserve it. And it would be nice to be alone for even 10 minutes. Just all alone in quiet. Reading or blogging or colorings or just sitting in silence enjoying it.

In order for me to have therapy I have to hide in a closet in my bed room with the doors locked. Granted my husband is looking after our boys. Still I have to hide. I feel guilty. And I shouldn’t, but then there is the I shouldn’t be complaining because there are people who are working with this virus around and can not be with their kids at all. It doesn’t negate my feelings but it does make me feel bad for feeling a bit over whelmed.

And so to help with the guilt I played Pokémon crystal and wore my Mara Hoffman. I decided that even though we are stuck at home, I am going to dress fabulous and take more care. I am still continuing my education too by the way, and my therapist thinks I should slow down.
maybe she is right and I should not be so obsessive with it. But that is going to be hard.

Looks like it is time to talk fashion, haha. This outfit is one that most of it is rented from Rent the Runway. The top is by Mara Hoffman and the Bag by Cult Gaia! EArrings are also from Rent the Runway.

This post has tqaken a bit to write up with my kids not wanting to sleep.

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