Are you in a love hate relationship with a stapless bra?

I love wearing strapless shirts and dresses. But, they do not always love me. As I have had a love hate relationship with my strapless bras. It is a relationship that has left me with a sour feeling towards strapless bras and made me resort to wearing a corset. Yes, a corset. What a pain.

I made it my mission today to get properly fitted for a strapless bra. And in doing so, I realized a couple of things. One,is that I have never been fitted for one properly.Two, is that it is a process and what you may think you know about your relationship with bras will change in this quest.

When is the last time you actually asked to be fitted for a bra? And not just measured, I am talking they measure and assist you by picking out bras. And personally check the fit. Meaning they see how the bands are sitting, and make adjustments in sizes according to this. It shouldn’t slide down if it is the right fit and such.
Think about this ladies. Think hard. A strapless bra that doesn’t slip. For me it is an unthinkable thing.

So today, I fixed that. I went to the mall with a quest and in Dillard’s I went to lingerie and asked to be fitted. I needed a strapless bra, and the ladies almost had a heart attack when I told them what I had resorted to wearing. A corset. Yup.

I learned that my band is a 29 (they don’t make them) and the department store is usually a great place to get a weird size. So, we had to make do with a 30-32band. Yay. Progress. The thing is the mid section should be flat and it should feel like it is poking your ribs out. If it is, wrong cup size. After a bit of trying on different bras, we found the strapless bra for me. Yay! I can now wear strapless shirts and spaghetti strapped shirts without feeling weird and constantly tugging at my sides.



So, go get properly fitted for one. As this kind of thing is a great item to have in your wardrobe! And remember to keep an open mind and try them on!

Keep calm and don’t tell the elf.

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