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So, I have been scarce around here. My blogging has taken a sudden nose dive in to most non existence. My kids have been keeping me very busy here at home. From running to one appointment to the next. I have been rarely home long enough to do much. Then tack on needing housework to be done, there isn’t much time for me. Not even for me to read at the moment. My baby wont allow for that either. I feel like I am being swallowed up by every one else’s needs and there is no room for my own.


At all.

Which sucks.

I haven’t even had much time to get my camera out and do more blog stuff, and it is hard to do that with a kid that is very sick. No, not the baby this time. My older boy G. What started out as a bad ear infection, became a worse ear infection and then it made it’s way into his lungs. Not good. You see, he was at the Pulmonologist for his sleep study results and to see the doctor, when the doctor went to look at his ear, my son ran from him. And my son week or two before that had some nasty nose bleeds. Which is a precursor to sinus infection with him. Sinus infections that leave my son out of school for 2 weeks or more. It takes him forever to get better.

Contagious or not, he can not stand up to going to school. Sucks.

Anyways, went to his primary and then he was found to have an massive ear infection and sinus infection. He got a regiment of antibiotics and ear drops. After 5 days I sent him back to school, no change in his temperament, it was still atrocious. Which, my son, when he is sick or not feeling well, or in pain acts like a hellion. Just saying, it is true. He is not the same kid. I dropped him off at 7:30 And warned the sub(he doesn’t have a teacher yet, there is a shortage of ESE teachers!) of his temperament and also his itching. There was a rash forming(turns out he is allergic to Montelukast.) I figured it was a heat rash or allergies. I told them to call me if he acts out. That means something is very wrong. 8:30 AM, I have to pick him up from school. He was having trouble.

To the doctor we went, the antibiotics didn’t work. Now the infection spread, it is in a lung. And the ears are worse and the sinuses. He is acting out in the doctor office and the doctor and I agreed he was very ill. Different antibiotics, meds for the sinuses, meds for the itching, meds for the lungs, and meds for the pain.

1AM last night my boy was up like he was given caffiene. But, I didn’t give him meds yet. I have him the ones for his sinuses, as that was the only one that could be taken without food!

4 AM, my son was finally back asleep. And through this debacle, he woke his brother up and my baby thinking it was playtime didn’t want sleep either. But after a bottle he was back to sleeping by 2:30 AM.

6 AM, I finally had to get back up to get my husband’s lunch and breakfast made. And drown in coffee. My sleep deprivation has left me lately passing out at 8PM, so there is no working on the blog at night either.

But, even with him home, him being sick. I can snap some photos of him and baby E. And I can play with my new camera, even if my vision is off due to my cold!

Yeah, I am sick too.

Just not anything like my boy.

I just want to go a month with nothing, no massive illness, no hospitals(have been lucky) and mom able to write. I am writing this in haste as my baby is taking a nap, a nap he will wake from any minute now as he normally does. YAY 20 minute naps!



  • Shelbee on the Edge September 23, 2018 at 7:33 AM

    Oh Stephanie, my friend, I feel for you. What a crazy life this momming can be. I am sending you lots of positive thoughts and healthy energy! Be sure you are taking care of yourself in the middle of the kid sickness and everything else!


    • Stephanie September 24, 2018 at 6:53 PM

      I havent slept in weeks, my oldest forgot what sleep is. He is all of a sudden a slight insomniac, which happens with kids on the spectrum


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