And She dropped the f bomb…

I had to rewatch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale episode. And instead of writing a long blog post I am going to write some points.
This will be fun.

1.Yolanda dropped the f-bomb. You rarely hear her swear. But this time she did! She said the f- word. It was great and hilarious. Yolanda was so mad she was seeing red and channeled her inner Brandi.

2. Kyle motor boated someone. This was one of those extras they usually put in with commercials. It tricks you into thinking the show is back. Nope. But there are Kyle and Joyce talking to Kyle’s friend about her wonderful boobies. Boobies so wonderful she had to motorboat them. Too funny!

3. Kim apologized and Ken basically shrugged her off.. this is a reoccurring thing with Kim. She apologized to Ken who insulted her sobriety quite a bit and she had enough of him talking down to her, so she called him an old man. She apologized as best she could and he just pushed past her.That was so classless of him, and anyone would understand the struggle and keep hush. She played the bigger person, he treated it like it was worthless. I have to say was very hard to watch. She tried and kudos to her. And he says she is on another planet.
4. Where is Yolanda’s hubby? you never see David at events. He is no where to be found.

5. Brandi was drunk again. Don’t you love it when she slurs?

6. Ken and Mauricio tAlked ah, the way men make up is so much easier to watch than the women. It is a lot of “dude I am sorry” followed by “I love you bro” . The women do the whole “I’m sorry but….” Yeah.

7. They really ambushed Lisa it was an attack. I think the only one who really should have pulled Lisa aside was Kyle. A 10 year friendship vs. a few years? Yeah, it was a bit much. I mean no more than the other times. Like kicking Taylor and her late hubby out of the white party.

8. Brandi confronts Lisa . Wow, I don’t get why Lisa doesn’t understand why Brandi is upset? Um…does she not understand that Sheena was her Ed’s mistress? I am sorry but if she was my friend I would make sure she was not at an event with her. Or at the very least keep them away from one another. Brandi is mad because she swears that this girl is also Lisa friend. Lisa denies it, but watch Vanderpump Rules she throws her a party WITH Pandora, her daughter. They aren’t friends? Hmmm. And one more thing, Brandi seams to believe she is being manipulated. Isn’t that what she said about Adrienne and Paul? Weren’t they her “family” too? How is this different? Watch out Yolanda and David.. By the way this should have been talked about in private and not at a party.

9.Thank god there was no religious remarks. this was the most annoying thing about this season. Other than the next point.

10. Conversation . My god. They must have said conversation at least 100 times in this episode. I mean, if I knew how I would compile a collection and make a montage of them saying conversation. I want to make a drinking game out of it. Every time they say conversation take a shot. Wow.

11. Tabloid gate ugh, who is telling the truth? I am not sure, but Brandi is swearing she will take a lie detector test to prover her truth.

12. Reunion preview with no “liars” this shows everyone getting ready. And all the ladies are talking about how they have the “truth” or “their truths” . Wait what? This will be interesting to watch. Can’t wait.

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