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Hi there friends! Happy Saturday. Holy crap, it is only 7AM and I am up. What am I doing up? My tiny child is still asleep and I am sitting here awake with coffee and lil lady cat.


Happy Caturday!

As most of you know I got a new phone recently as a result of this here. And so I got a new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S6. Which you can read about the phone here. And well, protecting the phone is very very important. I mean it is. And I don’t feel like you have to always have an Otterbox, as wonderful as they are I love my blingy cases. Which is why I fell in love with a $79 case at Best Buy, I didn’t get it. I got something more affordable from Accessory Geeks.


I got that cute little pink case from and the pink Trident case from them as well for my iPad Air. After dropping the sucker, which now I have to get the screen fixed. I bought the Trident. I drop the iPad more than my phone. I am a huge klutz.


The case is what they call a hybrid case. Meaning that it has silicone inner casing with a hard plastic shell. This is supposed to protect your phone more than just a basic plastic case. And after using both a hard plastic shell case only or a flip case. I can say I prefer the hybrids.


I love the little rhinestone detail on the back. I have had a similar case to this before with my old Samsung. But my son figured out how to take it off and well it had to be thrown away. Thanks to the dog. This one though is hard to get on the phone(good) and hard to get off(even better). I also had to get screen protectors.

Always get HD screen protectors with Antiglare if you can. Which Accessorygeeks has.


So bling.  This case will run about $13 online with free shipping! It is a great inexpensive option for protecting your phone.

Ohhhh Trident. You warrior of a case you!

This case has everything protected. When I picked this pink and black beauty out I was scared it was going to be overly bulky. I like sleek designs for the iPad. I expect my phone to be kind of chunky.

This case is!


This case is sleek and I feel like my iPad Air has all the protection needed. Even the ports have silicon plugs! I mean WOW. I am so severly kicking my own bum over this. I should have gotten this case from the start! (Which I am ordering a waterproof case for my phone for beach and theme parks.) Look at that pink! Pinnnnnnkkkkk!


I like how far up the silicone comes up on the device. Oh hello phone and morning me!



I mean look at this! Look at this protection! It is great!


Everything that is flimsy or possible breakage is protected by something. And Trident sends a screen protector, which I did a craptastic job this time at putting it on. I should do a tutorial on how to do it. I am better than that when it comes to applying a screen guard, Yeesh. $37.99 per case.



OK, so. The Trident is probably the better case. But it is $20 more expensive than the other cute case. Considering how much the phone is, I guess it is a small price to pay. I do love my bling’d out cases and that one does the job as well. Neither case will keep your screen from cracking. (UGH gorilla glass!) But, overall it will keep them safe from major catastrophes. So, long as you keep them away from the Atlantic.

I love I do a lot of techy shopping with them. They have great prices and free shipping. I always get my stuff pretty fast and have had wonderful experiences with them.

Samsung Galaxy S6 bling case here

Trident case for Samsung Galaxy S6 here or this one here

Trident case for iPad Air(aka iPad 5) here

The waterproof case is actually for the Note series. My mistake. but still interesting here

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