Alucard and Hogwarts.OOTD

OK, so if you saw this post here, you may have seen me talking about these great structured handbags. And one in particular was one from That bag was the Alucard. So, when Justfab offered to send me the Alucard bag I jumped for joy. Because not only do I LOVE the name. But the bag itself is GORGEOUS!

Justfab AlucardThe color is a rich and vibrant red. The faux leather is pretty heavy. And it is very very spacious. It could hold all my crap, his crap, and everyone else’s crap too. I love the buckle details on the front of the bag and the tag. It comes with shoulder straps. although it looks(imo) weird with them. The bag it pretty big, so wearing them looks off. It it was small, like a micro bag I could see that it would work better. I kinda wish that Justfab would make this bag in several sizes. It reminds me so much of one of the Prada Saffiano bag. Only that one doesn’t have the buckles.

ootd hogwarts and justfab

tee: TARGET// pants H&M // Shoes: justfab(old) // Bag JUSTFABc/o // Jacket Target(old)

SO, when I got this bag I immediately knew what to wear with it. OR rather style with it. I just bought this Hogwarts tee from Target and the red from the insignia made it just pop out more. You all knw how much I love my nerd tees. Got to be that GlamourslyGeeky right?

Justfab alucard and justfab alucardSo, it was kind of chilly and so my cotton peacoat was the right option. To make the illusion of longer legs, I opted for booties that matched my pants. (tip)

hogwartsOK, so I brought my son with me and took pictures of him, and right here he was leaning against the wall really cute in the background then moved last minute making me want to pull out my hair. SOmetimes he works with me, sometimes he just wants to run around. Can’t say I  blame him.

OOTDHere is an outtake from the shoot. hahaha.

He is like bye mom I’m out!

I love that kid. Anyways the bag, the bag, the bag! THis bag is gorgeous and the pictures do it no justice! I love the structured look.



THis is right when I lost the jacket battle with him.

this kid.

Always on the move.

And one thing before I go, Justfab. I have been a loyal customer of them for years and years..  I have seen a few things around of people calling them a scam. They charge a monthy fee for VIP where you get shoes for 39.95 a month. You earn rewards points too for each purchase. Anyways, people tend to think this is the scam. It isn’t it is no different than say having a subscription box charging you 10-30 a month for their boxes. Only difference here is you choose what shoes you want. OR handbags. ETC. I’m not as thrilled with their clothes, which is why I never post on them. Anyways, you can forgo the membership and pay full price. You can cancel anytime, and they email you about a week in advance letting you know they are going to charge so you can either skip or go on. I also set an alarm on my phone, Ipad, and PC to remind me that it is happening. SO I can skip if I need to. I have been skipping a bit lately as I have a lot of shoes.  I hope this helps clarify things. If you have any other questions about JUSTFAB email me and Ill answer ya. I have been a brand ambassador for a while and LOVE it. Because I do LOVE this brand. I was a loyal customer before being an ambassador. Thanks for reading!

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Shirt: Target also comes in plus size!!!

PAnts: H&M

Booties: JUSTAB similar


lipstick NYX liquid lingerie.

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