All tangled up

Hi there friends. Happy Thursday!! I am siting here looking at a very depressing cloudy sky.

And going through my blog post from yesterday, I am glad I did a wordless Wednesday. As I misspelled wordless in the title. Don’t ever write when you only have had 1 hour of sleep. I barely knew what day it was yesterday.

I did get to play some  Shadows of Mordor  yesterday. Little man in my lap playing with his trains and me with a XboxOne controller in hand, we conquered all sorts of orcs.

The day before was a Skyrim kind of day.


I actually killed off Lydia in a tomb the other day. And uh, well she is now locked in a room in Merida’s temple. OOPS. My dad said I should restart, to which my reply was HECK NO! Stupid girl got herself killed. I was busy not dying.  Ahhh the life of the gamer family. Where Facebook becomes a plethora of status updates on video game stuff by you and your family.

And we are still working on the whole “the potty is not evil” thing. And it is getting better. I hope it gets easier.

Today, I am also introducing my little guy to Fantasia,  I am officially sick of Frozen. And the narrator just called the female Centaurs Centaurettes…


What? And it makes you think, OK so a baby can not hold it’s head up when born. But, a baby horse can walk after being born. Think about that now.

And I shall end on that note with this really no sense making post.




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