Adventures in Legoland May.



Hello there friends! Happy Saturday. Wow! What a day! What a fun filled tired tiny child gloriously hot day. I’m exhausted so I apologize if some stuff doesn’t make sense. My tiny family went to LegoLand Florida today!! And as promised I am blogging what I can before I pass out. Woot!



We of course started the day at Dunkin Donuts. Because why not. I posted this very pic on Instagram. It was delicious. French vanilla with extra extra. I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar. Mmmm.

OK. Legoland. We got there at about 9:27 AM which was a minute less than maps said we would. Just amazing. Legoland Florida is really out in the middle of nowhere. It is where the old Cypress Gardens used to be. And you know they did a great job with it. And are adding on to Legoland as we speak. The hotel opened up not too long ago. And for a pricey $300 a night you too can stay at Legoland. There had better be Legobeds and bathtubs made of Legos with spa like qualities and golden nuggets in the bed. The park is a small one so why?

Still, the outside is cool.



It is cute. But you may be better off staying at the Ramada Inn a few miles away.  #justsayin

Tickets! For normal park tickets for 1 day it was $89 per person. But for $20 more for a Florida resident you can get annual passes. And any child under 3 is free! And I have read reviews online where people say there isn’t much for little ones to do. There is. There are blocks everywhere!!



There are Duplo blocks all over, and there are giant foamy rubber Legos too for little ones to play and build with. Many rides you can ride with them. Especially in the Duplo area.



There was a splash park in Duplo as well as a couple of rides for the little ones. And an air conditioned play area called Duplo Farms. Which was great for me when my son gets over heated his eczema goes crazy. Poor baby.

There was a lot to do and see and we didn’t see it all as it was hot, hot, HOT. It was hotter than Mordor!

Are you ready to see the most gourmet lunch?!

wpid-20150523_130345.jpgYes. Look at that. At this theme park we went not realizing you can actually take your own food and drink. But that is OK, if you are hungry or HAnGRY as we were, a burger is fine. I got the kids meal for $5.99 which is cheaper than the adult meal and just as filling. Pass holders get a discount. And the little guy got pizza. Hubby got the adult meal. The meal options were more than I read too. They had salads and a panini cafe, chicken, pizza, as well as a cafeteria restaurant that “just opened” as we stood at the registers paying for food.

Imagine a Legoland employee coming up and yelling in you direction that a new restaurant opened like just now! And you all should go to it. As we are paying for our food in the hot as Mordor weather. Really? Are you for real. Times like this you turn into this….

Copyright Disney

Copyright Disney




It is OK though we found some shade and ate.

We made it to the small Lego builds.There is a name for the area but I am going to call it the “tiny stuff area, where you would love to build that.”


Plots of great stuff here.










I wanted  to be like King Kong and destroy the city.

Star Wars ! !  There were more men wandering about this area than kids. And why not, this is their childhood. A way to go back and remember it.

wpid-20150523_134647.jpg And what LegoLand trip would be complete without visiting Star Wars?wpid-20150523_134724.jpg



This was so cool!



And now random pics!!





Over all we had a great time today. Legoland is worth going to. There is plenty to do and a lot of shopping. Can’t wait to go in Oct!






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