A must read. Keratin treatments; are they doing more bad than good?!

In a recent Harper’s Bazaar Article, “Jennifer Aniston blames Keratin for hair damage“.I saw this on Facebook and clicked it. The magazine article was stating how the Keratin treatments that are being pushed all over are actually doing more harm than good. So much so that the celebs that went and spent a bit of money for them, are now chopping their hair off to fix the damage.

Here is an excerpt:

By Nicole Catanese on Nov 26, 2013


When Jennifer Aniston attributed her chin-length cut to damage incurred by a Brazilian (aka keratin) straightening treatment, even more buzz around the somewhat controversial chemical process ensued. While companies and salons that promote the expensive and widely popular service say it’s healthy and won’t take a toll on strands, real life scenarios the likes of Aniston as well as what stylists are seeing firsthand may suggest otherwise.

Although it’s easy to book the appointment and plop in a salon chair, what’s actually happening to strands during a keratin straightening treatment is quite intense. “It’s a semi-permanent hair smoothing system that targets the cuticle, or the outside layer, of the hair,” says David Babaii, a celebrity hair stylist in Los Angeles who although he doesn’t do Aniston’s hair, A-listers such as Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow have him on speed dial. “It deposits a liquid version of the protein keratin that your hair is made up of along with a chemical preservative—this is then blown dried directly into the hair followed by flat ironing the strand into a straight position.

Wait WHAT THE?! I have been using Keratin products on my hair and have noticed a change. And honestly, it was not a good one. The keratin damaged my hair more I think that it did any good. In fact, I noticed that when I straiten it it swells up. I get a weird textured hair mop. It is also so dry and not as Luxurious as it should be. Then I read on and the article on Harper’s Bazaar said that women with processed hair or bleached hair run a risk of damage. Great, I have both. No wonder. I felt that the conditioners that I was using were not doing enough. And it makes sense. Total sense now. So, I think I will be cutting the whole Keratin treatment out of my hair diet. I need to find the thing that works and book an appointment with a stylist to probably chop off the hair that is damaged bad. I am not a fan of short haircuts on myself. Although, it may help keep little man from pulling on it.

In closing beautiful readers, be sure to consult with your stylist before taking that Keratin infused plunge. Make sure they do a hair health check; yes this is a thing.  A hair stylist that can do it properly may cost extra, but it may be worth the aggravation and chop chop. What is the cost worth to you? Have you already jumped off the Keratin train? If so what happened to your locks?

I think I am going to go back to Redken it is the only thing so far that has ever, ever worked. Maybe I will try Tresemme again, I do have coupons.

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