A major fashion moment the return of lipgloss! #beauty #fashion #styleblog

A major fashion moment, the return of lip gloss.

A major fashion moment the return of lipgloss! #beauty #fashion #styleblog

Right now there is a major fashion moment going on. A fashion moment that may not be huge huge like an epic bag or something. But, a bit of a more humble one. Lip gloss! Lip gloss is having such a fashion moment right now. I love and hate and hate lip gloss. The reason? Well if it is sticky  my hair gets stuck on it and in the Florida heat and humidity it melts…I mean it. It melts. But, it is amazing and there are so many gorgeous colors. And the creamier the texture the better! To keep on lip gloss longer, use a lip pencil and get some All About Lips by Clinique. And about the sliding off, use some concealer around the outside of your lip line.

Just some awesome tips.

So, what Lip Glosses are great? Love these brand


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