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Hello friends,

I am writing this post a bit in haste this morning as, I have the cleaning fairy in my being. I have no idea why I do. But it is there. And when the cleaning fairy calls, you had better answer. It is good for you. I have been picking up after my little man all morning messes I just left because it gets tiring. He is everywhere. And that is just fine. Got to love motherhood.

A thought occured to me today as I was cleaning his closet and saw his Christmas tree for his room. How in Odin’s name am I going to keep him out of the Christmas tree this year?

Seriously, how am I going to do that? Last year he went most of the holiday season without touching it. Until one fateful morning when the big cat taught him about the ornaments on the tree and what fun they are. I mean I have Waterford ornaments and German blown glass ornaments. OH MY! Well, the cat taught him how to take off the bulbs. The round ones and yeah they had fun. Until mommy caught both of them. This year will be a butt-ton of fun.

I also have to share that I finished my little man’s Olaf from Disney’s Frozen blankie. And I hope he loves it. He loves blankies as much as Linus from Peanuts. I decided it looks better without all the trim so I took all that off. 

This is last Christmas and the cat that showed my little one the tree is fun.

This is last Christmas and the cat that showed my little one the tree is fun.


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