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Hi there friends and happy happy Monday. I hope you all had an awesome mother’s day weekend. I had a pretty decent one. In fact I am thinking of splitting up the post into two parts. Mother’s day and Saturday. I also am currently fighting with a tiny cat over the keyboard at the moment so if things are a bit off, it is HER fault. Shee wont move. At ALL! BRAT. But, she is a cutie. I got some new shoes from JustFab coming in. I forgot I had a store credit, go me! I also started playing Broken Age which is a really great game and available for iPad, PC, ETC.


I will be doing a post on that this week as well. I love video games. I always have.  I really would love to incorporate more of this side into my blog. And that brings me to my next thought besides the Mother’s day post that I still need to do as well as Saturday’s post of cars and such.

Then there is today, Monday. Oh Monday how we love you.


We decided it would be fun to go outside and play until it got too hot. And Trying to get my dog to pay attention. He wouldn’t, so I had to pick on him.


My little one decided mama’s shoes needed to have a car and my sunnies in them.

wpid-img_20150511_101940.jpgI thought. hhhhmmmm Tiny child you are on to something. Boredom will get you every time. And then we went inside. A. Because it was already almost 90 and B. He got lolly pop all over himself and me. So, A quick wardrobe change and then off to the mall for some shenanigans. My mother and I took the tiny child to the indoor playground and let him play. He was in a shy mood today. But he had fun. Then we went to a store called The Winey Wench. Where we were greeted by this sign.


HA! So what kind of store is this  do you ask? One that sells WINE!


wpid-20150511_140510.jpgI love this painting of an octopus. Of course the wine is good too!





It was one of those “All aboard the hot mess express” days. As you can tell.


This mug. This mug needs to be in my house. Right now.

How is your Monday?



  • Rani May 12, 2015 at 3:12 AM

    Looks like you had a great day, and what a cute doggie!

    • Stephanie May 12, 2015 at 7:01 AM

      Thank you Rani!! He is an American Eskimo. They are cute dogs but barkers. Lol.

  • Molly May 12, 2015 at 4:09 AM

    What a fun looking day! You should totally post more “Fashion Adventures” like this. I know it’s hard to probably take pics of yourself in public, but it looks so much fun and I really do enjoy them. Happy belated Mother’s Day to you!

    • Stephanie May 12, 2015 at 8:07 AM

      Thanks Molly! That is so sweet of you, I really appreciate it!! 😀 I am thinking about doing more posts like that. It’s fun!


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