A bit of that Summer time Sadness.

a bit of that summer time sadness , river island and shein #ootd #fashion

Wearing River Island crop top// Shein tie skirt // Toms Wedges // Bamboo Bag //

Francesca’s Sunnies // River Island Earrings

OK, so I bought this shirt from River Island, was happy at first. Then I tried this cute crop top on. You guys, I couldn’t get the damn sleeves over my chunky arms! It was mortifying, it was physically painful and I cried a bit over a freaking crop top. A cute crop top, but none the less, I cried over a damn shirt. When you order a certain size in clothing, this was a size 10 or 12 US , you expect the sleeves will be along the line of what is needed to fit. Body proportional, because a size 12 woman will not have the arms of a size 2 woman. I guess this was a mistake, or they just didn’t know? I was upset and rightly so, I wanted to wear this crop top so badly.

So, I took to Instagram, cried about it on my channel, and then printed out a return slip. Only, the thing is how long it would take to get back for my refund of this faulty product. That is when my friends, I decided to handle it on my own. I reached for my sewing kit and began to rip some seams.

I found extra fabric. I was able to let out the sleeves enough for my arms to fit! I quickly sewed my sleeves back up after adjusting for size and was able to save the shirt.

a bit of that summer time sadness , river island and shein #ootd #fashion

It fit, a lot better. But, the thing is I feel like that shouldn’t happen. As a consumer, I shouldn’t have to let something out that much. I know a lot of women have to get things altered, but this is arm holes.

a bit of that summer time sadness , river island and shein #ootd #fashion
a bit of that summer time sadness , river island and shein #ootd #fashion

And then let us talk about this SHEIN skirt, and the embarrassing story that involved my son. So, we went looking to get a new car for the hubs. And my oldest son was having a good time running around like he does in new situations like that. I had to chase him to keep him from running off entirely. And of course he steps on my skirt, which is OF course only a tie skirt. Meaning the skirt is tied closed. No zippers, no buttons, just a freaking tie. So he steps on the skirt and it comes undone. YEah….in the dealership. I gather what No shame in my game mom look and keep shit together as best I can. Excuse him and I to the bathroom, A so he can pee..and B so I can stop almost flashing everyone my compression underwear. Other women were complimenting my outfit, and Iappreciated it. But I was too embarrassed to stay in, and my son was over stimulated. He didn’t mean it, and also he is autistic. He was over stimulated with all those shiny cars around. We went to the car put on music and he was fine. And so was I. Let me just point out that I really loved this skirt. It is a bit needing repair.

a bit of that summer time sadness , river island and shein #ootd #fashion
a bit of that summer time sadness , river island and shein #ootd #fashion

Even with all that drama this look is still a great look and I got a lot of compliments! And I am still on the fence on whether to say YOU NEED THIS SHIRT! The skirt, yes, the top I do not know, but you can I guess decide for yourself. But, I still have to work on those sleeves a bit.

Top River Island

Skirt Shein

Shoes TOMS

River Island earrings


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  • Laura Bambrick September 3, 2019 at 8:41 AM

    That is so frustrating when you buy something and have to make adjustments just to wear it! I’m glad you were able to make it work though because it’s really cute with that skirt!


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