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Dooney and BourkeHi gang! It is a time for a post of nonsense.  Basically life stuff. I am way to tired to think, between my little deciding he was going to play all night long and a horrible muscle spasism in my neck and shoulder, I am exhausted and so very sleepy. How am I even functioning? And where is my break? I swear everything keeps blowing up doesn’t it. I am hoping for sleep tonight I have too much to do tomorrow for the blog(catch up) and stuff for my little. I didn’t take blog pictures today, and the ones I took the other day, I still had to edit. And I kept dozing off. So, yeah.


Let’s talk really quick about those Dooney bags, I am in love with that bee bag. Even though it is very ketch,  still this is a bag that will hold my little’s stuff and mine as well. This one was found at MACY”S And I just know I want it!


MY little and I running around.and I am so over this pain. SO very over it.

And while out and about I may or may not have bought a can of wine with a straw. May or may not have.

So, I am going to go to bed now. Good night blogosphere and friends!

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