5k a day? I can and will handle this!

I have been trying to find ways to get my butt back into shape. I was doing really well with the Xbox fitness on Xbox one. But, with a little man it started to get harder to do. He was either climbing on me or at nap time, I had other stuff to do. I have a household to run and an eBay business to attend to. So how can I get back to where I was even more and be healthy about it? Walking.

My son and I already did walks around the block but on a small scale. To the mailbox and then home. So, Monday I started walking 5k everyday. Why is that better than a workout DVD? Well, we get out of the house and it is something I can do with little man. We put on runkeeper app and pandora radio set to Disney music. I talk to little man about what is going on, we have very meaningful conversations. Or at least I feel we do. He babbles back.


rat snake we saw Monday

We walk on a turrain that is sandy and not so easy. Most of the roads around here are not paved. And so we push through soft sugar sands. The stroller is weighted down with my 23lbs son who doesn’t seem like much but add that with bottles of water and sugar sand and a heavy stroller and I got one neato weightset.

I feel it definitely and each round is 263 calories burnt according to the runkeeper app. But, it isn’t counting the weight from the stroller and little man.

What I am happy about too is the fun we have. And I am going to keep a photo log here or on gofashiondeals for our adventures. A walk a day takes the weight and inches away. 🙂

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