3 $50 SHEIN outfits

I am an avid shopper of SHEIN, I have bought so many amazing outfits from their online shop, and let’s be honest I have bought some duds too. Some real doozies in the fashion sense. Things that ended up being put right in the garbage as no one could wear them.But, my wins have been more than my losses. And that is why today on the blog I am sharing not one, not two, but three outfits all under $50!!!!

How exciting is that?!

Now before I get to each outfit I want to mention something about SHEIN. SHEIN is one of those “fast fashion” online shops. And while as I said up above, you can find some great bargains as well as some great failures. SHEIN is one of those companies that can take a while getting products to you as they are very far away. But no where near as bad as WISH. Shop accordingly, if you need something right away just get in the car and go to the mall. If you have time to spare, then yeah shop away.

Then there is the sizing of their items. SIZE up. The size guides are all over the place, and I have found that my size ranges from medium to large. And also small too, so there is that. The shoes are true to size. So, to be safe size up!

Now, outfits.

The first outfit I chose a sweater that comes in a lot of different colors. I went to the fall section and selected low to high as a price point.Then I found some floral leggings for fall and the sandals! This adorable outfit is only$32! You get a pair of cute floral leggings, a sweater, and some cute shoes. YES!

Dropped Shoulder Solid Sweater

SHEIN Flower Print Leggings

Faux Suede Fringe Band Slide Sandals RED

AHHH this outfit put me over budget by 6 dollars. But still it was a great look! I found that beautiful trumpet sleeve dress and went with the booties of the season, white ankle boots. Wearing those with floral dresses are all the rage guys! Then a little fanny bag and you are set with outfit number 2. $56 bucks for this one!

Buckle Strap Detail Stiletto Ankle Boots

SHEIN Trumpet Sleeve Tiered Ruffle Hem Botanical Dress

Quilted Detail Bum Bag

The last outfit! I love the look of this one, and I love those shoes! I chose a close fitted dress and a nice cardigan sweater, they listed it as a coat. But it looks like just a thicker sweater, but for fall it works! And this look is only $38! That is a steal, especially since you can wear these things with other things!

SHEIN Form Fitting Marled Knit Dress

Bow Detail Pointed Toe Mule Flats

Printed Random Draped Open-Front Coat

That completes the trio of outfits!What do you think? I had fun doing this! I even bought myself the first outfit!

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  • Lanae Bond September 18, 2018 at 8:32 AM

    Shein does have a lot of stylish and affordable fashion! I love the items you picked especially the purses!

    • Stephanie September 19, 2018 at 11:29 AM

      Thank you! I love them too! I just ordered some awesome fall outfits! didnt spend more than $50 for both outfits!


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