25 days of Christmas, A muppet Family Christmas.

HI! Day 2 of this little thing I am doing this holiday season! We shall see how it does! And so today is all about the Muppet FAmily Christmas! This movie, also 1987, is about the muppets going to Fozzie bear’s mother’s farm house to spend Christmas! Unfortanetly for her, she was unaware of this. Apparently bears love surprises?

This movie is hands down one of my faves this time of year and my son loves it too! This movie really isn’t available on DVD, and if it is it may not be legit. This was before Disney bought rights to the Muppets and Jim Henson was still alive. This movie still possesses that muppet humor we all grew up with. Back when they were still fun.

I hope you will love this movie as much as I do!


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