Yoga inferno. Come on Xboxone,let’s go!

For the past 2 weeks I have been trying something else to get fit. I normally walk 3 miles a day but, took a break because….well who knows why. Anyways, I got back into this need for exercise. I was trying to do “Killer Buns and Thighs” on my Xboxone. But, I couldn’t make it through the workout. Even with my 3mile walks each day, I couldn’t do it. I felt sick. So, I found Jillian Michaels Yoga Inferno on Xbox fitness. Wow, it feels great and while it is tough(I am shaking by the end)I can do the whole workout. I have already noticed great results. The loos skin on my tummy is starting to go back to normal more. And my back from the epidural spot is not hurting any more. I have more energy and feel so great!
The work out starts out with a bang and ends with an inspirational speech from Jillian. The desert it is filmed in is a beautiful scenery, if you can see it. And while she makes a disclaimer on them wearing sunglasses, I would be worried if they didn’t. The thing she liked stressing is not to over do it. Thank you. And she tries to pep you up. Thanks again. I am a pretzel but thank you for telling me not to give up. Today I didn’t fall over.
I did over average for women in my age group. Yay! And am now level 3! I had trouble making it through the workouts because the little man wanted to climb on mama while I was planked out. Or when I was in Warrior. OUCH.

Just awesome, and I love Xbox one, Xbox fitness is a great app and Jillian Michaels has great workout videos. Critics be damned.



I am so close to having pre-pregnancy body!

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