Where would I….

Where would I wear shoes like this?


I was having a conversation with an old coworker about high fashion shoes. We were flipping through a Vogue that I brought to work and I saw a pair of adorable Jimmy Choo shoes.
Instantly I started talking about why I loved them and drooled.
“Yeah, but where would you wear shoes like that?”
I stared at her, I’m the knucklehead who wear stilettos to the groomer when I take my dog. I wear my shoes everywhere, no where is too insignificant for my heels. Hell, I’m pregnant and still rocked my heels. Until I was on bedrest, I may just have to channel my inner Gaga and wear them while loafing on the couch. Anyway, I could think of many places to wear them. I am already used to being what some call “over dressed”. I don’t see it that way, but others do. I am OK with that, it is who I am.


Love these.

“If I owned a pair of Louboutins, I would rock them even at the grocery store” I said. The conversation stirred into a pot full of costs, fears or ruin, comfort, etc, and blah blah blah. Think about it what do the rhobh or rhoa do? They wear them everwhere, as do celebs, and others fortunate enough to own a pair. Because, after all, they are just shoes. They need to be placed on the foot and walked in. Or in my case vegged in. They have a purpose, yes they are beautiful pieces of art, but they are also meant to be WORN. Why else would they even bother with a top notch sole, if not expected to get some wear.
I doubt Jimmy Choo created these bits of wearable masterpieces with the notion of them only being left in the box. Left in the box or put on display for viewing only as if they were in a museum.
Glass cube go!
I would wear my shoes like I do the heels that I already own. On my feet, out the door, and to wherever I am going, my shoes would be there with me. Where would you wear them, or would you wear them at all?
But rest assured, they would never be neglected.

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