Valentine’s day, are you ready?


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What is your most memorable Valentine’s day? One of mine was actually last year. For years my Valentine’s days have always been ho-hum. But last year, my hubby did an amazing job. He surprised me with a box of Russell Stovers as well as a bouquet of pink roses. We may not have gone out that time , mostly because of a nightmare in years past. So instead my husband surprised me with Chipotle and some wine, which I loved! It was truly one of the best Valentine’s days. Before that was a nightmare and it was one bad restaurant after another. One year we went from Kobe steakhouse to Corkscrew to Tijuana flats. Kobe was booked until 10pm and Corkscrew(who is no more) told us there were no seats available. That the restaurant was booked up,busy,and full. We looked around and it was EMPTY! The hostess was looking us up and down like we were trash. All because we weren’t in a suit and cocktail dress. So she sat us in the back by the kitchen. It was basically so we wouldn’t be seen by anyone. Then came the fixed menu and for $50 each ,we could get a 4 course meal. A 4 course meal delivered to our quant little table, that was in danger of being ran into by kitchen staff. Yeah, we bolted and ended the evening at Tijuana flats. Makes me wonder about this year. So are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Time to start thinking about it.

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