top coloring books for adults to enjoy #coloring #coloringbooks #shopping #amazonprime

Top Coloring books for Adults to enjoy.

top coloring books for adults to enjoy #coloring #coloringbooks #shopping #amazonprime

I know this is going to sound so blogger cliche, and so eye roll worthy(go ahead), but I have been getting asked a lot about my coloring book collection. Oddly enough, I have gotten a lot of questions from people . Mostly in doctor offices about my coloring books. And then on Instagram a bit. (keep rolling those eyes, you know you want to.) But, I had to share some of my fave coloring books and what I use to color!

top coloring books for adults to enjoy #coloring #coloringbooks #shopping #amazonprime

These are Children’s place PJs for adults. Crazy right?

So, I am a bit of a freak about my coloring books and my way of coloring them. A lot of people use colored pencils or those gorgeously inky Copic markers(CHACHING!) . Me? I prefer Sharpies and gel pens. No seriously, I use gel pens and sharpies. I love the bright colors and the inkiness of them.

My books, I usually keep in my bag for when we go to the doctors, it makes passing the time easy. At least when the baby doesn’t toss the pens all over the place.

top coloring books for adults to enjoy #coloring #coloringbooks #shopping #amazonprime

This is right now my fave book! I love this Christmas book, and my oldest loves coloring in it too. The thing about these books, are not only are they massive stress and anxiety relief but they are not just for adults.

top coloring books for adults to enjoy #coloring #coloringbooks #shopping #amazonprime

I have several books now and The Ocean book is another one that I love as well as I grab the minis from Target whenever I can. I have always been one that can happily sit with a coloring book for hours. My fave books growing up were one with dinosaurs and the Christmas books. I loved them. I had scented crayons from Crayola and also Glitter crayons by Crayola. Best presents ever! Seriously, best!

top coloring books for adults to enjoy #coloring #coloringbooks #shopping #amazonprime

My top coloring books including wants! All available on AMAZON


And now the coloring pens and markers


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  • Emma Peach December 28, 2018 at 4:40 PM

    I used to really enjoy colouring in with my daughter, but she’s not so interested lately. My elderly next door neighbour has a beautiful colouring in book that she gets out when we visit. The books for adults are so detailed, like works of art. Thanks for linking up!


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