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My Christmas list. Video games.

Hi there gang. Today I am not doing much of an outfit post. Yesterday I was supposed to have my Rocksbox post up(failed) and instead played hooky and went to Universal. A post on that will be later this week. Sorry got so much to do this week.  Today, I am recovering from all the fun at Universal, I’m so…

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Skyrim is my relaxing time

Some people meditate, some exercise, do yoga, or cuddle up with a good book and read. I can do most of those things mentioned. But, what has  really relaxed me lately is Skyrim. This video game with it’s open world, never ending quests,and tons of equipment options,and music score that has it’s own playlist on my Pandora. This game  has…

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Why I hate timed quests.

Yeah Assasin’s Creed,  I am referring to you. I have been going through the game again and remembered the thing I hated. Timed quests. I have to assassinate this guy in 3 minutes or less to get help from someone else. Okay, seems simple enough. But, in the grand scheme of my luck there is an over abundance of citizens…

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