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Statement jewelry and tulle skirts

We all know I love me some tulle skirts! We also know that I love statement jewlery too. Especially necklaces. And when I am actually wear them. It has been hard to wear either when yo uh have a baby who want to grab everything and also chew every thing. My skirt and the necklace fell victim to E and…

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shopping edit: Tulle and tee

Tankbrave soul// earrings EXPRESS// Makeup STILA here here and here // bagALDO// tulle midi skirt pretty little things// heels ALDO Today, I have been so busy with my son’s IEP and him being sick and a baby I forgot to work on the blog! Well, I wanted to share a collage! I bought this skirt recently from Asos and this…

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embroidered top and tulle skirt outfit

Embroidery and tulle outfit of the day.

Hello friends! I hope you are having a fantastic day! Being that it is Monday, I hope that it is. Today on this little space on the internet I wanted to talk about the final piece in my Tosave picks. A Mesh Embroidered top. Now if you saw my post last week about the lace dress, you will have seen I…

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OOTD tulle skirt and graphic tee

Tulle skirt and metallic shoes.

Today, it would seem that the weather got confused somewhat and decided to skip spring and go right into summer. It was almost 90 today! WOW! So, yeah. I was hoping to take my little to the beach this weekend but, um it will be too cold for us to really enjoy the fun. Wind will make it a bit…

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Monochrome ootd

Tulle skirt

Hi there friends! Happy Black Friday! Today, I am sitting at home, decorating. Well trying to decorate. It is hard to decorate with the wee lad home and he keeps trying to do his thing while I do my thing. And then when it comes to the tree, well I forgot where it was. Until I later found it! But…

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Barbie Pink sweater and tulle

Hi there friends! I am having an awesome Tuesday, even though I was running around like it was a Wednesday. Hehe. It happens. Today on the blog I wanted to share my outfit of the day, which was/is a pink sweater and cute tulle skirt. I wore the Yoins OTK boots because I wanted to feel fall like.. Fall in Florida…

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black tulle

Styling a Tulle Skirt

Hi there my friends! How are you this fine Thursday!!! I hope all is well on your ends. Me? I’m alright. While the rest of the country is mourning the end of the election. I personally want it all to be over and done with. I am sad too, but I wont let that get me down forever. Benefit of…

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