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Stand for tomorrow with TOMS, impacts that matter! #standfortomorrow #tomsshoes #fashionblog

Stand up for Tomorrow with Toms.

We all know I love impacts that matter. From raising awareness for Autism Acceptance with Easter Seals and Autism Speaks, to sharing March For Our lives info on twitter whenever I can, to speaking out for women’s rights and trans rights, and gay rights. People are people and people need to accept that not everyone is made the same. So,…

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rosegal maxi dress

Feeling Ombre with Rosegal

If you would have asked me a year or two ago if I liked the whole “ombre trend” I would have said no. NO way not on your Nelly. But, a few years later when it’s hype has slowed down I found myself liking it. If only just a little bit. And then I found this casual maxi dresses from ROSEGAL…

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All the blues! Blue maxi skirt.

Hello there friends! I hope you got the chance to see yesterday’s blog post! I showed off my sequined creation and I am seriously considering opening up a shop selling sequined shirts and sequined nerd shirts.  I did get another outfit post done for yesterday but when I took the pictures for them I realized after all the pictures were…

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Another maxi skirt day.

Oh my stars and garters friends, happy Wednesday! Today, is a great day because I have this great maxi skirt that I bought from Shein a bit ago and it is fun to wear. And I did a pinterest hair style based on Danarys Targaryen that worked. Well, I had to use my extensions but still it worked out. Although…

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