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Stickin around with StickerAPP

I love Stickers! I always have, I remember back in the 90’s(yes) as a kid in the EARLY 90’s making Sticker books. Basically we took stickers and put them in a book. And we loved the holographic ones with that were cat heads. Very glam cats. Remember those? But, even now as a Scrapbooker(who hasn’t done anything in a long,…

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How about stickers for Christmas?

Have you gotten something and were just like YES!!! This is sooo COOL! Well that is what we have here. I have been waiting to get these beautiful stickers from Stickerapp.com What makes these so great is that they are custom. I got to design them on Stickerapp easy to use site. I designed a wall decal featuring a fave…

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