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justfab romper and breckelles shoes

Oh that boho charm, 2 OOTD.

So it feels a lot like summer has hit, it is March still and already it feels like the middle of June. It was 90 degrees today in Orlando! WHAT?! How crazy, well I guess it is Florida and all. Today’s outfit post is more of a what I wore what I wore. Since yesterday, I had to change right…

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OOTD Justfab

Justfab Romper

OK, so a while back I got a blouse from Justfab and was not impressed with the fit and so for the LONGEST time I pushed justfab out of the light. At least when clothes were concerened. But, then they were kind enough to send me this romper for review and I was stunned at how well it fit! WHAT?!…

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Blue and black Express Romper

Hey there friends, I couldn’t think of a catchier title for today’s post. So, I figured I would put what I am wearing. Which is a cute romper from Express !Β  I swear I have been living in that store lately, that and ALDO. It’s just I seem to hit each at the right time, when there are sales. Which…

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Express romper and Aldo boots.

Spring is here and in full force it would seem. Here in the south we have pollen on every car! My gunmetal car is now greenish yellow and hayfever is awakened by it. Thanks NATURE. And it is going to be 90 degrees today. YES. 90. Hot. That’s hot. At least I have a comfy romper for a day like…

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