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Blending in// Mara Hoffman

Captain’s logue Stardate 2020 , it is a crazy time indeed. Trending in Netflix, besides Castlevania is Tiger king? Which is a kaleidoscope of crazy town USA. My so starts online learning as schools debate if in 2 weeks they should open back up. Which acting as though this pandemic is going to all of a sudden decide to leave…

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Saylor and See by Chloe

It seems so weird to posting anything right now. But I have a feeling many people want to see something other than people talk about Covid-19. It is all over the news, so how about a break from it? Although, posting about it here will kind of be hard not to do. Since shooting at home due to it ,…

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Badgley Michka Dress and Tory Burch bag #ootd #fashionblogger

Badgley Mischka and Tory Burch.

Love Rent the Runway! It makes me so happy and right now we all need a bit of happiness! Since Covid-19 is making life hell for the planet.NO one wants or can really be out and about. I wish we could just sit home and snuggle under blankets watching PBS and being happy. But, my oldest still has therapies to…

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