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Nirvana band tee and H&M Culottes

Ok, It is pretty evident that I practically live at Target. I mean why not? They have amazing things there, like Pool noodles for under 3bucks if you are a tiny human(he now has several pool noodles and uses them as light sabers) that is pretty amazing! And if you love fashion they really have been doing well with their…

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Glamorousandgeeky top weekend playlist

My Weekend playlist! Play that 90’s rock.

This is what I have been listening to a lot lately. Why? I think because after my hubby and I had a music video weird off(it is agame where you try to out weird,out funny, out creep, or disturb the other with music videos from the 80’s and 90’s, you know back when MTV played music videos.) Go to youtube and…

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